What We Do

We are a fully functioning seed company that has the ability to grow, condition and sell high quality seed genetics to our customers.


Pedigreed Seed Development

We have established relationships with 4 top end genetics companies. We work with them at levels from select – certified seed production.

Ground Truthing

Developing trials for all our seeds at our Avonlea, SK farm allows us to speak more intelligently to our customers about actual product performance with local data and results. Every July we offer an open field day so farmers have the ability to touch and feel these new seed varieties and get comfortable with how they will fit on their land.

Seed Increase Stage

Once a desired seed is selected we will begin mass production of it by carefully applying top end agronomics to ensure a quality seed is produced.


The purity of our seed is paramount and additional steps throughout the seeding and harvesting of it are implemented. Between our different varieties production fields we dedicate intensive measures to clean all of our equipment to ensure varietal purity.

Conditioning and Storage

Our seed is stored onsite and in optimum conditions to ensure quality.

The seed is cleaned and conditioned in our own cleaning plant and then stored until customer pickup.


All of our seed is inspected multiple times – in season field inspections for purity, careful handling at harvest to ensure purity remains and then once again after the final product is cleaned prior to selling any seed to a customer.

Traceability and Documentation

Every seed lot is properly documented throughout its life cycle to ensure traceability.

All seed will be sold with certification and lot numbers.

Custom Seed Treating

We have invested in highly accurate seed treating equipment and offer seed treating services to our customers.
This allows our customers to pickup up Field Ready Seed.
This saves time and provides value to our customers ensuring that the seed they take home will be able to meet its full potential.
All product used is eligible for manufacturer grower programs.
Ask us for a price when booking seed!


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