Who We Are


We are the specialized, pedigreed seed production arm of a 4th generation family owned and operated farm.

58 Years

Established in 1960 we continue to operate our business with goal of producing high quality, desirable, pure seed varieties for the western Canadian farm.

Dedicated, friendly people with a common vision and the passion to get there

Our family has been active in the seed industry in various capacities such as board representation, commercial processing of seeds and specialized seed sales. Our goals and investment in our business are being made to adapt to the changing seed landscape in Canada and better prepare us and our customers for the future. Seed and the seed industry is truly a passion of our family.

  • History

    We began our venture into the seed business by growing oat varieties (Harmon and Fraiser) in the 1960’s. Since then we have grown all crops from lentils, peas, faba beans, durum, winter wheat, soft white wheat, flax and chickpeas. Though the crops that we grow may look different, our approach to producing high quality, desirable seed remains the same.

  • Approach

    Every seed has a story, and to truly understand it you need to live it, not just read about it. We hand select seeds after discussion with breeders that we feel could fit our customers farms. The next step is to field test those seeds and compare them over multiple years, collecting data and forming agronomic based opinions prior to any seed leaving our farm and going to yours. We will know the seed before we sell the seed.

  • Culture

    Anyone who has operated in a family business setting knows that there are many benefits and challenges that come with working with family. We wouldn’t change one thing as it is our greatest strength and our passion to continue this family legacy gifted to us.

  • Method

    By completing all of these steps we are confident we can find the right seed for your farm.
    i. Seed selection
    ii. Field testing
    iii. Ensuring purity in the field
    iv. Superior conditioning
    v. Agronomic based sales
    vi. Feedback

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